New Balance 1500KWG


Brand New New Balance 1500 
In 1986, right out of college, Steven Smith (@stevensmith) joined New Balance, starting in design. In his three years of working for the company, Smith created some of New Balance’s heavy-hitters, including the 996, 997, 574, and most importantly, the 1500. Smith believes he was able to create something innovative and versatile.
In a conversation with the man himself, Smith knew from the jump that the 1500 was going to be a knockout. “I knew there was something special about it,” says Smith. He further elaborates “that no matter where you look at it from, it is still interesting and the design is resolved.” In previous interviews, Smith describes his inspirations for shoe designs coming from aerospace and medical innovations. But for the 1500, he wanted to capture the feeling of a “Cadillac or a Rolls Royce.”
To capture this feeling, he created the 1500’s midsole with a “plush suspension” and gave the shoe “pigskin suedes as the equivalent to Connolly leather [Connolly Leather is the historic company that supplies leather for Rolls Royce].”
With its sleek look and cutting edge features paying homage to classic cars, the 1500 has proven to be a shoe that continues to hold its own in the streets. The brand has delivered many collaborations with streetwear brands and sneaker boutiques from around the world, many of them working on different iterations of the 1500 model that holds the shoe to Steven Smith’s original, high-end standard. The use of various materials and colors have created an even stronger fanbase, making the 1500 a trendsetter.
2013 Release 
Made in England
Comes with the original box 
All sales are final.